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2019年马会全年资料 Classification of industrial endoscopes

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In the industry, often, we can not use the eyes to observe the place, like a polluted or corrosive place, but we also need to know the specific circumstances inside, so in many cases, we for the industry The use of endoscopes is more common, but we know that in the production of industrial endoscopy, because of the different production technology and different places of the process requirements, so in many cases, we have a lot of this product Different types, today Xiaobian and we talk about the classification of industrial endoscopic knowledge, we have seen after, we must pay attention to distinguish, so in the choice and use of the time, there will be chaotic situation will be reduced, One is a rigid industrial endoscope, we know that it is certainly in the hardness is relatively large, so that, in fact, wear resistance above the dominant, and its direction is very good control, because Generally there is no curvature of the emergence of the second is the soft industrial endoscope, this is the hardness and is the corresponding, its texture To a little soft, and many times, this can be hard to reach places no way observed.

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