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2019年马会全年资料 Use of industrial endoscopes

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For the use of industrial endoscopes, in fact, life and work in many places are able to see its shadow, but we know that the general use of the time, we can play for its performance can play, play A maintenance effect, it is generally necessary to meet certain conditions, so this operation is actually a certain degree of difficulty, and today Xiaobian and we talk about the use of industrial endoscopy, the general need to pay attention to the problem, first We know that this distance is very critical, we generally use the time, if the distance is too far, in fact, this can see the clarity is a certain impact, and if the distance is relatively long case, this operation The general situation is very unusual, but if the distance is particularly close, then the probability of damage to the lens will rise, for our operation is very unfavorable, and because of the narrow perspective, so we can see the range is very Small, generally for the control of this distance is the need for special attention, because of this On the difficulty is relatively large, in many cases occur error.

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