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Dongguan City, as the Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan City, as the Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, production and sales of the camera module of high-tech enterprises. Products are used in many fields, such as mobile phones, notebooks, medical, smart home, automotive, monitoring, industrial, digital cameras, etc .; Dongguan City, as the Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the latest chip technology and optical mechanical and electrical integration of product development, Promotion and production.
Since the founding of the company in the field of image sensing technology in the field of research and development, bringing together a group of CMOS image sensor in the field of experienced technical personnel, management personnel and sales of the elite, with a strong R & D, production and sales capabilities The Since the founding of the company began to build a good reputation and improve after-sales service system. With a keen eye of the market, with a complete business marketing system, to a comprehensive understanding of customer and market needs in the design to grasp the performance and characteristics of products in the R & D condensate more information resources for customers to provide professional reference and Program. Played a role as an important bridge between upstream component suppliers and downstream manufacturers.
At present we are with Aptina, OVT, Hynix, Galaxy, Samsung LSI and other SENSOR suppliers are to maintain good cooperation. Products from 300,000 pixels to 500 million pixels and other specifications, the company has a modern first-class purification production workshop, first-class management team and research and development team. The company now has a mature CMOS camera module production process technology and improve the quality assurance system, proofing fast, fast delivery, good prices, good quality, monthly production capacity of more than 300K. The company will continue to use quality and service to adhering to the "win-win" entrepreneurial ideas and provide cost-effective products and services in the global image products manufacturing company.
Dongguan City, as the Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Quality policy concept: in research and development, production processes and services on the continuous improvement, customer satisfaction by the recognition, so that partners the biggest rest assured.
Talent is the basis of corporate competition. In the "people-oriented, rapid response, efficiency synergy" business philosophy, with a professional, efficient, unity, dedicated development, production and sales force. In the joint efforts of all staff, the establishment of a healthy and positive corporate culture. Good competition mechanism and regular business training so that each employee has a sense of ownership. We believe in "integrity, unity, innovation, win-win" principle, excellence, for our customers to create value and achieve win-win!

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