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Industrial endoscopes use safety precautions

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When operating the industrial endoscope, the operator must pay attention to the safety of the operation. The workers of the industrial endoscope factory also share some operational safety precautions. First, do not insert the device into the body or other animals for testing. And then do not use flammable and explosive gases in the environment of the use of such equipment manufacturers also remind you that the unauthorized use of the equipment for dismantling or modification of the industrial endoscope insertion tube will be issued at the end of the strong light , If the direct vision will have a certain threat to the eyes, so the eyes look directly in the insertion and removal of the tube when the need to be careful to avoid damage to the insertion tube lead to danger.If the angle of bending operation in the process of foreign body, do not force In addition to the insertion tube, the components of the body in the industrial endoscope are not treated with water, so the operator should pay attention to avoid contact with other parts of the equipment and avoid Water causes danger. Industrial endoscopes need to be used in ventilated poles, away from direct sunlight, large amounts of dust and acid and alkali The presence of the environment is also a great harm to the industrial endoscope, also need to stay away.

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