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Definition of endoscopy

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What is the meaning of the endoscope in the end? Industrial endoscopy factory experts to share with you the definition of it. Endoscopy is also known as the hole probe. Its main function is the depth of the curved pipe can be observed But can not look directly at the location of the probe.It can be sealed in the cavity of its internal structure, the situation is observed, not only to achieve long-range observation, but also to achieve close operation, while the endoscopy is actually used Endoscopy on the container, roll, non-removable equipment inside and the narrow gap inside the surface, or water and other liquid level and other special, human vision can not directly observe the area for quality inspection and visual inspection methods. Mirrors were introduced from abroad in the 1970s and 1980s, and they were mainly used in the aerospace, aerospace and other important areas of the product and some parts of the quality inspection.With the development of the country, the continuous progress of science and technology, domestic Of the endoscopic technology has also been rapid development, and now a wide variety of endoscopic products, and also entered a practical stage of endoscopic technology has gradually developed into a more conventional inspection Method.

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